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Creative Mines®

Unconstrained by the burden of past building cycles, old inventory and antiquated technology, we collaborate with the building and architectural communities and explore new concepts. Our goal is to always uncover relevant, end-user appropriate masonry veneer products.


We’ve spent years unearthing the best natural stone from North America. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures each and every stone meets our standards of consistency and availability. Consequently, Creative Mines Natural Masonry Veneer delivers a more streamlined and efficient selection process for natural masonry veneer projects. We’ve also taken a commonsense approach adapted from our Crafted Masonry Veneer that results in a simplified installation process.

  • * Hand-crafted Stone Veneer
  • * A family with a passion for fresh ideas and superior masonry veneer products
  • * Large variety of solutions for today’s interior & exterior cladding needs
  • * 70% post-industrial content
  • * NO smokestack-produced fly ash used by other manufacturers
  • * We use high-purity natural pumice pozzolan that minimizes efflorescence, resists sulfate attack, reduces permeability, and improves durability
  • * Rigorous evaluation process ensures each & every stone meets our standards of consistency and availability